Safely working on the go

Cloud computing makes working anywhere you like easy. We have collected a few tips for working safely on the go.


Only use trustworthy and password protected Wi-Fi networks

False Wi-Fi networks are common in public spaces like cafés and public transport. In such spaces either use your phone (4G) as an hotspot, or find a Wi-Fi network that is protected by a password that can only be obtained from someone working there. An alternative is to protect your connection using VPN, see below.


Install and use a VPN connection if necessary

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that encrypts your internet connection. Installing this is wise if you need to work with sensitive data (work documents, banking, online shopping). User friendly options include NordVPN and Private Internet Access.


Use a complete power plug to charge your device, instead of just USB

USB sockets can be manipulated to steal data from your device or infect it with malware. Don’t use them to charge your devices in public spaces.


Use your own device

First of all use your own device because you know if it has up to date antivirus software. There are more reasons though, for example there are accounts of manipulated keyboards in public spaces. Everything that is typed, including credentials, is sent to an hacker. Avoid using public computers when possible.


More tips for safely working on the go

Secure yourself online

Protect your devices


IT Security by TinkConnect

As an ISO 27001 certified cloud specialist we help organisations to stay safe when working online. What IT security services would help you?


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