MFA - Secure online login with any device

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA, or 2FA) is an extra secure login process for organizations working online. MFA uses a password and confirmation via the user’s smartphone and an alternative method for users who don’t use a smartphone. MFA makes misuse of passwords and online accounts virtually impossible.

  • What is MFA by TinkConnect?

    We advise everyone who works online to use MFA. This way hacks using leaked or stolen passwords become impossible. Ask for our no obligation advice on options for your organization.

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Benefits of 2FA

  • Widely applicable

    MFA is suitable for high-volume and mission-critical applications.

  • Simple

    MFA is easy to set up. Its extra protection enables users to work securely and responsibly online with all devices.

  • Secure

    MFA meets the highest globally recognized security standards and TinkConnect is ISO 27001 certified.

  • Why use MFA by TinkConnect?

    Your staff are increasingly connected to their smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs and access their accounts and applications anytime, anywhere. The advantages are clear as improved accessibility means a better service for your customers.

    The disadvantage is that not all devices are equally well protected. People make mistakes when saving passwords or lose their laptop. MFA securely overcomes these errors by requesting a second verification in addition to the login password.

    TinkConnect’s Two-Factor Authentication is a reliable and scalable solution providing optimal protection for your users in the online environment. Logging in with 2FA is fast and user friendly. The MFA app is downloadable on Android, IOS and Windows smartphones. We have an alternative for users without a smartphone. They receive a text message on a mobile phone or a call on a landline enabling them to login.

  • How does Multi-Factor Authentication work?

    MFA, also known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), provides a step-by-step login process using an app on your smartphone. To login you must enter your password and confirm a notification on your phone. A code is sent to your smartphone and appears in the Authenticator App. You can only login with this combination of password and confirmation.

    It is extremely difficult for hackers to circumvent TinkConnect’s multi-layered authentication process. Even if a hacker manages to retrieve a password, they cannot login without access to the user’s smartphone. If a user loses their smartphone, nobody can use it to login without knowing the personal password. Our Two-Factor Authentication guarantees 99.9% user availability.

IT Security Services

TinkConnect has a clear focus on digital security. Our operations are ISO 27001 certified. All backups are duplicated. We offer companies a wide range of security services. Thus company data remains well protected against hackers and viruses. Read more about IT Security by TinkConnect.

Frequently asked questions

  • There’s hardly any difference between Two-Factor Authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication. 2FA has two security layers. MFA can contain two or more security layers.

  • We advise every organization to make 2FA mandatory because IT systems are continuously being attacked by hackers. Malware, viruses and direct attacks are common. Thieves also contact users by telephone or e-mail to steal passwords. Only one employee in an organization has to respond, in good faith, to such a request to cause a leak. TinkConnect’s 2FA ensures this is virtually impossible.

  • Our help desk staff will help you. After confirming your identity, we can help you login remotely.

  • Users without a mobile phone can login with verification on a landline.

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