Hosted Desktop - Remote Desktop

Enjoy fast and secure access to Microsoft Office and your company programs from any workplace. This is the essence of working online with TinkConnect’s Hosted Desktop. For a fixed amount per person, per month, your company data and programs are stored on our servers at data centers in Amsterdam.

features overview
  • Workplaces in the cloud

    Hosted Desktop is an online workplace with access to all the programs and applications your company needs. Work in the cloud within the familiar Microsoft Office environment. Now your staff have access to documents, programs and business applications from any computer with an internet connection.

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Why work with TinkConnect’s Hosted Desktop?

  • Focus on security

    TinkConnect is ISO 27001 certified. All data is stored in Dutch data centers.

  • Scalable

    Our Hosted Desktop is grows with your company, from two to thousands of employees.

  • Support

    Our help desk is available to answer your staff’s questions every working day.

Simple and transparent

Hosted Desktop makes the building of a good IT environment easier for companies, including those experiencing rapid growth and change. New users can be added easily, old users blocked quickly and applications assigned to the right users. Our remote desktop enables small and medium-sized businesses to save on time, IT environment set up and human resources costs.

Basic Components


  • Microsoft Office Professional: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access InfoPath en Publisher
  • Adobe Reader
  • ESET Antivirus

Business Email

  • Hosted Exchange: Business email or Hosted Exchange is optional with our Hosted Desktop service. Hosted Exchange provides you with access to email, calendar, task management and contacts when you’re in the office, at home, on the road or with a client. Business email can also be used on tablets and mobile phones. See more…

Data storage

  • All users have access to personal and shared folders. Access rights can be set per folder.
  • Daily backups are stored redundant in ISO 27001 certified data centers

Maintenance and updates

TinkConnect manages the maintenance, software updates, backups and server expansions so you don’t have to invest in your own IT platform.

Expansion options


TinkConnect’s SSO (Singe Sign On) enables you to login using your Tink user details to applications hosted by third parties and to work online.



No more worries about unsafe or leaked passwords. 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) adds an extra security step at login with a simple confirmation on your mobile phone.



TinkDrive allows you to work on your files via WiFi or while you’re on the road. This secure connection also provides access to files outside the Hosted Desktop environment.


Secure Internet

Prevent malware spreading from infected websites. TinkConnect’s "Secure Internet" blocks infected websites via a globally applied DNS filter.


Secure Mail

When email messages must be encrypted for privacy reasons, "Secure Mail" is the solution. TinkConnect offers email encryption per message or encryption of all messages.

  • Hosted desktop vs Office 365

    We support working online with our own Hosted Desktop and with Office 365 for Business. Both services provide online access to Office applications including Outlook and Word and both offer data storage in the cloud. To assist you in choosing the best solution for your organization, please note that there are a number of differences listed below. Read more about our Office 365 Management.



    Hosted Desktop provides you with a remote desktop and access to more than 200 business applications including Office applications.

    With Office 365, all Office programs and business applications must be installed locally on a  PC. TinkConnect’s managed desktop (workplace management) service can provide data storage, if it can’t be stored on Sharepoint or OneDrive in Office 365.

    Office 365 business applications must be installed locally and applications can only be used on computers where they’ve been installed. It’s a less flexible solution for working online.

    Hosted Desktop enables you to use applications online on both PC and Mac.

  • Data storage

    Office 365 stores data in the Microsoft cloud. Hosted Desktop stores all data on our own servers in Dutch data centers. Data storage in Europe is essential for companies that must  comply with strict privacy conditions e.g. medical and financial institutions.


    Office applications

    Office 365 provides access to the latest version of applications. Hosted Desktop works with Office 2016 applications.


    Information security

    Hosted Desktop has been developed with a focus on digital security. This service is used by companies in the financial and medical sectors. With Hosted Desktop you are always certain where the data is stored.



    Hosted Desktop provides extensive options including easy integration with business applications. Office 365 is simpler and therefore more suitable for companies with a smaller budget.

  • Clear IT costs - a fixed amount per workplace, per month

    Hosted Desktop delivers significant maintenance and licensing cost savings compared with setting up your own IT environment. Hosted Desktop is transparent and user-friendly. You have one contract, one point of contact and you receive one invoice every month. Costs are for a fixed amount per person per month.

  • Working online in Southeast Asia

    Increasing numbers of Dutch companies have an office in Southeast Asia. Together with a local data center in Singapore, our clients can work online with the fastest connections.

    There’s a direct connection between our data centers in Singapore and Amsterdam so our Hosted Desktop environments connect seamlessly with each other. This also ensures a smooth service between colleagues working in both countries.

  • The effective digital office environment

    Working in the cloud with Hosted Desktop is an effective way of outsourcing your IT management. Users have access to data and applications anytime, anywhere, via a working environment that’s maintained and secured by TinkConnect specialists.

    We can manage the entire IT environment for you. This varies from setting up and managing the office network, installing the telephone network, management of computers and printers to the delivery of a simple and affordable DMS system. Read more about TinkConnect’s IT management options.

  • Optimal security for your company network and data

    If you’re working online is your equipment secure? TinkConnect has a clear focus on digital security. We manage computers remotely in our managed workplaces. Antivirus software is always kept up-to-date and you’re protected from programs that aren’t secure. In addition, our specialists can make a security scan of your business processes and advise you on the application of privacy legislation that best suits your organization’s situation. See more about TinkConnect’s IT security.

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    TinkConnect is a certified Microsoft Silver Partner with specialist expertise in Microsoft 365 Business software and cloud services. We implement and manage the Microsoft products for our customers and offer them a comprehensive support service.