Internet Security with TinkConnect’s Secure Internet

TinkConnect’s Secure Internet offers protection against abuse on the internet by criminal organizations. Secure Internet prevents users from accidentally visiting harmful websites.

This DNS service is an effective way to protect companies against e.g. ransomware.

  • Don't give malware a chance

    More and more companies are encountering ransomware on the internet from criminal organizations. Malicious software gains access to your IT environment, via a website or DNS, to block or steal your data and programs. We prevent this by adding a DNS filter to your router to protect your IT environment. Internet security by TinkConnect.

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Benefits of Internet Security

  • Reliable

    Our DNS filter offers protection inside and outside TinkConnect’s cloud service.

  • Easy

    A simple adjustment on the local router is usually sufficient and extra filtering is available.

  • Insight

    Our report provides you with insights into office internet behaviour.

  • Technical specifications

    Central to TinkConnect’s Secure Internet is a Cisco Open DNS filter that we activate on your router. This filter checks the IP addresses and other DNS records that are requested by your DNS server. If a website’s content is not secure, users can’t gain access to that website’s IP address. Users are alerted of this by a window. This is how we keep viruses, ransomware and other malware out.

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  • DNS filter vs Antivirus software

    TinkConnect’s DNS filter validates all DNS requests from your organization – in advance – for any malicious content. This is much more effective than using an antivirus package which is by definition lagging behind criminal virus developments. An antivirus program only intervenes if harmful malware is already on a PC or other device. You should still use an antivirus package to counter threats that reach PCs via USB sticks and email attachments. 

  • Activating Secure Internet

    We prefer to activate Secure Internet on your location’s central DNS server. This can be via your internet provider’s router, your own domain controller or a separate internal DNS server. If your internet connection doesn’t have a static IP address, we install an agent on at least one of your PCs. The same agent is installed on laptops used outside your office.

    This ensures that your laptops remain protected when working on other networks.

  • Carefree internet use

    Secure Internet is easily installed and managed on your IT environment by TinkConnect.

    Our costs are relatively low. You pay a fixed amount per employee, per month, regardless of the number of workplaces, locations and devices to be protected. The DNS filter also provides insights into internet use within an organization. If desired, we will send you a monthly report.

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Why TinkConnect?

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  • Experts in information security and privacy laws including GDPR

  • Short communication lines and personal support for every user

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    TinkConnect is a certified Microsoft Silver Partner with specialist expertise in Office 365 Business software and cloud services. We manage the Microsoft products for our customers and offer them a comprehensive support service.