IT security in reliable hands

IT services security is now increasingly critical and complex. Data loss and leakage due to insufficient security is a major problem for companies. We focus on IT security. We are ISO 27001 certified. Our server platforms are located in ISO certified data centers.

  • IT Security services and advice

    Our services like Managed Desktop, Secure Internet, and Multi Factor Authentication improve our customers information security. We also offer specialist legal and technological advice on the implementation of security requirements under the Privacy Act (GDPR).


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  • ISO 27001

    We are ISO 27001 certified and only work with ISO certified data centers

  • Data Storage

    We guarantee that data is only stored in Dutch data centers

  • GDPR Advice

    GDPR advice and implementation by our technological and legal security experts

  • GDPR analysis, advice and implementation

    The European Privacy Act is also known as GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation). It has been actively enforced since 2018 and sets high standards for the protection of personal data. For organizations this means that personal data may only be stored and used with permission and is subject to strict security conditions.

    TinkConnect helps companies to interpret the law specific to their situation. We offer GDPR consultancy that consitsts of the combined services of a technological security expert and a specialized lawyer to produce the best advice for you. If desired, we can support you in the implementation of the advice.

  • Cloud Security

    You can work safely in the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 and our own remote desktop service Hosted Desktop. Cloud storage is located in our secure data centers in the Netherlands. Companies with an office in Asia can use our data center in Singapore, which meets the same security standards.

  • Our Data Centers

    Data and company data are confidential and must not be accessible to anyone else. Even in the event of an emergency, our customers data is secure. TinkConnect applies this high security standard to all of our customers. All platform components are set up redundant.

    TinkConnect has two server platforms in Amsterdam that are hosted by True. The primary environment is set up in the True suite in one of euNetworks data centers. The backup environment is set up in the True suite in the Equinix data center. True is an ISO 27001 certified company just like TinkConnect. The data center in Singapore is managed by ISO 27001 certified LeaseWeb.

  • We are ISO 27001 Certified

    TinkConnect is ISO certified since 2007 and audited annually by TUV since 2019. This means our customers benefit from our transparent processes, personal service and excellent information security. Our hosting and data center partners in Amsterdam and Singapore are also ISO 27001 certified.

    ISO 27001 is a specification for an “information security management system” (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework of rules and procedures including legal, physical and technical controls.

    This ISO has been developed to create a model for the establishment, implementation, monitoring, control, maintenance and improvement of an “information security management system”.

IT Security Services

Cloud Backup

Our business backup services provide optimal protection of company data. Daily backups are stored in an external data center.


Data Encryption

Be certain that the contents of files cannot be read, even after a data breach. Encrypted files can only be read with a key.


Secure Mail

Encrypted emails ensure that only the sender and the recipient can read the content of the message. We offer two types of email security.

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Safe Calling

Skype for Business encrypts and secures your telephone traffic. We set up the account and offer support to end users.

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We can ensure, remotely, that the anti-virus software on staff computers and laptops is kept up-to-date (Managed Anti Virus).

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Also known as MFA, 2FA requires an additional approval to log-in by telephone. User log-in is also protected if the password is stolen.

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SSO or Single Sign On is a safe way to log in to multiple applications with one user name and password in one go.

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Internet Security

Websites can contain and spread viruses. To prevent this our DNS filter preventively blocks infected websites.

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  • Costs

    Every organization is unique so we only provide customized solutions. We take your available budget into account and avoid unnecessary costs. We’d like to hear about your wishes and needs and send you a no-obligation quote.



    All users of our IT security services can contact our help desk on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Our support staff are ready to help you. Manuals along with answers to “frequently asked questions” can also be found on the support page.

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  • Microsoft Silver Partner

    TinkConnect is a certified Microsoft Partner with specialist expertise in Office 365 Business software and cloud services. We manage the Microsoft products for our customers and offer them a comprehensive support service.



Why TinkConnect?

  • Cloud workplace developers and managers for 13 + years

  • Experts in information security and privacy laws including GDPR

  • Short communication lines and personal support for every user