Office 365 management for business

Work online with popular versions of Office 365 Business Essentials or Office 365 Business Premium. The latest versions of these well-known office applications are available online or locally on your computer. Each user has access to 1 TB of cloud storage. Office 365 Business is an affordable cloud solution providing many opportunities for teamwork.

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  • Office 365 management by professionals

    Do your staff need to work carefree with online access to the correct email accounts, applications and files, anytime and anywhere? As a Microsoft Partner, TinkConnect makes this possible. If you have any questions or need help, our support desk is contactable by any of your staff every workday.

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Office 365 Benefits via TinkConnect

  • Cloud specialist

    We have 13 + years specialist experience in office automation and cloud management

  • Full service

    We offer additional management and security services for your entire IT environment.

  • User friendly

    Our support desk is available to all users every working day.

What is Office 365 Business Essentials vs Office 365 Business Premium?

Office 365 for Business Essentials is perfect for companies that only need Office webapplications. Office 365 Business Premium is suited to companies that require the full functionality of desktop applications. We can help you choose the option that suits you best as follows:
  • Business Essentials

    • E-mail hosting
    • Office apps online
      Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook
    • OneDrive for Business
      1 TB opslag per gebruiker
    • Teams (including Skype for Business
    • Microsoft Planner
  • Business Premium

    • E-mail hosting
    • Office apps online
      (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote)
      Access en Publisher for pc
    • Desktop Apps
    • OneDrive for Business
      1 TB data storage per user
    • SharePoint
    • Teams (including Skype for Business)
    • Yammer
    • Outlook Customer Manager
    • Microsoft Planner
  • Email and calendar

    Email hosting provides a 50 GB mailbox and an email address with your own domain name. In addition to having your own mailbox, shared mailboxes can also be created. Now you can share calendars and schedule meetings with multiple people. Outlook Customer Manager comes as standard with this offering.

  • Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3 or E5

    Office 365 is suitable for companies with a maximum of 300 employees. Office 365 Enterprise is also suitable for larger companies. Moreover, Office 365 Enterprise offers extra security features such as data storage in Europe, data encryption and SSO for business applications. We’d like to advise you on the best options suited to your company’s requirements.

  • What is Sharepoint?

    Users save their personal files on OneDrive. Sharepoint provides extensive options for the sharing of files. Sharepoint can also be used as an intranet to share files, folders, news, calendars and applications. Sites can be set up per department or team utilizing the underlying Sharepoint technology.

  • What is Outlook Customer Manager?

    Outlook Customer Manager allows emails, tasks and agenda items that belong to a specific topic to be linked together. Now it’s easy to plan events, follow sales processes and maintain business relationships.

  • What is Microsoft Teams?

    Microsoft Teams facilitates working together on a project or within a team. Group members can chat with each other, share files, work together on the same documents and meet their deadlines. Files opened within Microsoft Teams are ready to work on immediately. A large number of add-ons are available for Teams including project planning software as well as sales, HR, education and IT development tools.


    What is Skype for Business?

    Online video conferences and meetings with up to 250 participants are now available with Microsoft Teams.

  • What is Yammer?

    Yammer is a chat service that sends messages to an entire organization or to groups within an organization. Use it to open dynamic conversations between different teams on key topics, share news, provide dates for a company party and make policy announcements.

  • Why have Office 365 management by TinkConnect?

    As an office automation engineer and cloud specialist, TinkConnect takes care of the design and management of your Office 365 environment. We can manage your data migration process if it’s stored locally or in a different cloud. We also set up Sharepoint for optimal online collaboration. Daily backup of all cloud files is an option. Plus you can avail of a support subscription offering support for all users, all workdays.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Microsoft regularly uses names for its services that are very similar which can be confusing. While Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office 365 are two different services, both are cloud solutions. However, TinkConnect only supports Microsoft Office 365.

  • Both are cloud solutions that provide comparable services but these services vary depending on the version in use. With Office 365 you can download Office applications with extensive options. Plus the functionality of Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint cannot be matched on G Suite.

    G Suite offers unlimited data storage in most packages versus 1 TB per user with Office 365.
    Organizations that need to store a lot of audio and video files in the cloud may find G Suite advantageous. For most organizations 1 TB per user is more than sufficient.

    We advise organizations that mainly work with Office documents to opt for Office 365 for Business Premium as it offers the best online and offline options.

  • Basically, it is safe. However, working in the cloud and working locally can present security risks. This security is dependent on the cloud administrator and the user. We advise all users to use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and daily backups.

  • Yes. Office 365 has been developed to optimize teamwork. Access rights to each file and folder can be carefully managed. Ask us about advanced options for file sharing.

  • Yes you can. All applications and files are available online and you can install an OSX Office version onto your Apple devices. You can also download iOS apps onto an iPhone. These downloaded programs work slightly differently on Apple computers than on Windows computers.

  • For most organizations, Office 365 satisfies the demands of the Privacy Act. Responsible user management and management of access rights are essential. For organizations that work with critical personal data stricter conditions apply. As a security specialist, we can provide you with extensive advice on the application of the GDPR to your organization’s specific situation.

  • Only Office applications are available online via Office 365. Organizations that also require online access to other applications choose our Hosted Desktop. Hosted Desktop is a remote desktop that can also host your Windows environment in the cloud.

Additional services from TinkConnect

Cloud Back-up

Why worry about lost or damaged files? TinkConnect can perform a daily backup in the cloud. Backups are securely stored in a Dutch data center.


IT security

We offer an extensive package of security services from Managed Antivirus and data encryption to advice on the application of the privacy law for your organization. Discover more about our IT security.


IT management

Our IT management ensures that your systems stay up-to-date and grow with your organization. Now you don’t have to worry about the operation of your network and equipment.


Comparing Office 365 for Business Premium with Hosted Desktop

  • Working in the cloud

    TinkConnect supports working online with either Office 365 or our own Hosted Desktop. Both services ensure Office applications (e.g. Outlook or Word) are available online and offer data storage in the cloud. However, there are a number of differences.



    Hosted Desktop provides access to a remote desktop environment offering many other programs as well as Office applications. 200 + business applications are now available via Hosted Desktop.


    Office applications

    Office 365 provides access to the latest version of Office applications. Hosted Desktop supports Office 2016 applications.

  • Data storage

    Office 365 stores data in the Microsoft cloud. Hosted Desktop stores all data on our own servers in Dutch data centers. Data storage in Europe is essential for companies that have to comply with strict privacy conditions that apply to e.g. medical and financial institutions.


    Hosted Desktop

    Hosted Desktop provides more options for online hosting of business applications with a higher level of security.

    Would you like advice on which online working option is the best solution for your company? Please contact us.

  • Why switch to Office 365?

    Working together with Office 365 Business Premium has never been easier. Office 365 is an affordable cloud solution that offers many extras on top of Office programs and file management. Both Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams allow you to collaborate on projects, develop workflows and optimize internal processes. TinkConnect’s specialists look after installation and management.

  • Custom Advice

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    TinkConnect is a certified Microsoft Partner with specialist expertise in Office 365 Business software and cloud services. We manage the Microsoft products for our customers and offer them a comprehensive support service.