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Work online anytime, anywhere and without security worries, with Microsoft 365. TinkConnect provides customized cloud and IT management services to our clients. As an IT service provider we offer future-proof office automation for small and medium sized businesses.

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Why TinkConnect

  • Office automator and cloud workplace developer and manager for over 14 years.

  • ISO 27001 certified since 2010. This is the international quality mark for digital security.

  • Experts in information security and privacy, including GDPR.

  • Working in the Cloud

    Work online anytime and anywhere with your programs and files. That’s what we call working in the cloud. Our business cloud services enable you to work on Office 365 as well as Hosted Desktop, TinkConnect’s remote desktop environment. Companies that use our Hosted Desktop are assured of data storage in the Netherlands. Read more about Cloud Computing

  • IT Management

    We provide a smart and flexible IT environment that contributes to our customers job satisfaction and success. We offer sustainable customized solutions that guarantee the continuity of business processes. Network and system management functions are performed remotely. As an experienced IT supplier we welcome the opportunity to set up your IT infrastructure. Read more about IT Management

  • IT Security

    TinkConnect has a clear focus on digital security. Our operations are ISO 27001 certified. We offer companies a wide range of security services. Thus company data remains well protected against hackers and viruses. Read more about IT Security

  • Service by TinkConnect

    IT services are constantly changing. By monitoring today’s rapid industry developments we aim to future-proof our services. Support is the key to this. We value personal contacts and short lines of communication with our customers. It enables us to adapt quickly and offer flexible solutions. Read more about us

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  • Microsoft Silver Partner

    TinkConnect is a certified Microsoft Partner with specialist expertise in Office 365 Business software and cloud services. We manage the Microsoft products for our customers and offer them a comprehensive support service.



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