Which Microsoft 365 package (formerly Office 365) ?

The business version of Microsoft 365 has several variants, ranging from € 4.20 for working with Office applications in the Cloud, to € 53.70 for a fully Cloud-managed IT environment, including the most advanced forms of data security and compliance management. So which Microsoft 365 package suits you best?
We will gladly explain the key similarities and differences between the Microsoft 365 subscriptions. This will make it a lot easier to choose an Office 365 package that is right for your organisation. The basics are simple: each package is one subscription and offers Office applications, applications, email and online file storage.


The difference between Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise

In contrast to the Microsoft 365 Business packages, advanced security and analysis features have been added to the Microsoft 365 Enterprise packages. This offers, among other things, the best protection against data breaches. Large volumes of corporate data can be analysed and reported with the analysis and reporting tools, enabling data-driven decisions to be made.


Combinations are possible

Significant differences can exist within an organisation between what employees need in order to be able to do their work. Policymakers need analysis and reporting options, administrative staff need a full Office package, while just being able to read emails is sometimes enough for people in operational departments. It is also possible to combine subscriptions, so that every employee has exactly the tools he or she needs. In fact, Enterprise F3 is intended solely as a combination package. This package is for companies that work with E3 or E5 and that want to purchase a cheaper package for some of their employees.


Add separate features

Besides being able to combine packages, it is also possible to add a number of separate features. This could be financially attractive in certain cases. These involve the following services:

  • Basic data protection for Basic and Standard
  • Enterprise & Mobility for Business Premium
  • Telephony
  • Power BI Pro (falls under analysis and reporting, only for E5.

Additional space for data storage in OneDrive and SharePoint can also be purchased.


Which Microsoft 365 Office package should you choose?

In order to be able to make a choice, it is particularly important to clarify how you work and what the preferences and requirements are. TinkConnect’s Microsoft 365 specialists are able to support you in this with the help of an analysis. We know better than anyone else that the IT needs of every organisation are unique, which is why we offer a made-to-measure service. Feel free to contact us. Call  +31 85 77 35 333 or email sales@tinkconnect.com.

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