Database management services by Database Heroes

Database Heroes provides on location and remote database management services. They also offer advice and support in the field of Data Governance and assist organizations in meeting the strict requirements set by the GDPR. TinkConnect and Database Heroes enjoy a close and dynamic working relationship.

  • Team Extension

    Expand your team for a fraction of the normal cost!

    Many companies and organizations don’t have specialist database management knowledge in-house. This may be due to the size of the organization or the high costs involved in hiring a full-time database expert.

    DBHeroes can assist you either on location or remotely. The latter is referred to as remote management. We prefer to call it Team Extension. DBHeroes become an extension of your team and proactively manage your databases. Their skills enable them to efficiently manage many companies and organizations simultaneously. DBHeroes are available 24-7-365 and can start working with you immediately if necessary.

    Your databases contain valuable information that must always be accessible, now and in the future, and shouldn’t be lost. Team Extension provides you with extra manpower and ensures everything runs smoothly.

  • Consultancy including complex challenges

    We analyze, identify, solve and prevent problems.

    Good management insists on maintaining the integrity, security and accessibility of company data. DBHeroes will take care of your database management. We will advise you on operational and cost aspects and manage complex processes. Our experts are available to support your IT department.

    DBHeroes stay one step ahead of the rest of the competition. Their in-house specialists are committed to continuous training in order to stay at the top of their industry. Your company benefits from this.

    While they work with you on pre-agreed assignments, they are examining your data and data environment. How can they improve the design, authorization or security features?

    DBHeroes has specialist in-house knowledge. They are highly professional and proactive in identifying issues and preventing problems. If there are any, they resolve them.

  • About Database Heroes

    DBHeroes provide solutions that match your organization’s ambitions. They can proactively monitor your environment 24/7 via their Team Extension service or deploy experienced consultants at your location. DBHeroes also offers advice in relation to Data Governance. They support organizations with efficient and effective process and data flow arrangements. DBHeroes compliance guidance and support ensures your organization meets the strict requirements set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

    For more information please call +31 85 77 35 333 or email

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