International Entrepreneurs

It’s vital that entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia can work online – quickly and easily. TinkConnect has an operational base in Singapore, the hub for Southeast Asia. We advise Dutch companies with an office in the Far East to make best use of local data security and Cloud Computing in Asia.

  • Working in TinkConnect’s Cloud

    Work online with TinkConnect’s Hosted Desktop or Office 365.

    We can supplement these services with additional business cloud services, including workplace management, email encryption and GDPR advice. Now working online and Cloud Computing in Asia is extra safe and easy. See more about our business cloud.

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Working online in Southeast Asia

  • Support

    Dutch and English support from our help desk in the Netherlands, every working day.

  • Performance

    Direct connections between data centers in the Netherlands and Singapore provide optimal performance and uptime.

  • Beveiliging

    Platform and data are securely hosted in an ISO 27001 certified data center.

  • Singapore: World Class Internet Hub

    Because of the entrepreneurial climate and the presence of multinationals, many Dutch companies have a regional office in Singapore. Singapore is an internet hub for Southeast Asia and the best connected country in the world. This is due to the fantastic data centers and fiber-optic connections. The Netherlands is the second best connected country in the world.

  • Fast, secure and user-friendly

    TinkConnect’s data center in Singapore has a direct connection with our platform in the Netherlands. This enables users in both countries to work flawlessly in the same online environment. This gives you a big advantage as performance and uptime remain the same and working internationally is faster, safer and more user-friendly. The data center in Singapore, like the Dutch data centers, is ISO 27001 certified.

  • Personal support

    All files in the Singapore data center are also stored on Dutch servers. Our data center in Singapore makes working online and cloud computing in Asia even easier by offering Dutch and English support. Our support desk is open for you every working day.

  • Want to know more about working in the cloud from Singapore?

    Would you like to find out how our data center in Singapore can improve your company performance abroad?

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    TinkConnect is a certified Microsoft Silver Partner with specialist expertise in Microsoft 365 Business software and cloud services. We manage the Microsoft products for our customers and offer them a comprehensive support service.