Choose a flexible IT environment

This is what we love being the most: the technology partner to entrepreneurs. We believe in a smart and flexible IT environment that contributes to the work pleasure and success of our Dutch and international clients.

Hosting and managing your business applications

TinkConnect offers the option of hosting company specific applications within Hosted Desktop. Our developers specialize in application and database management. Thus we can support our clients with the digitalization of their business.

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Hosted Desktop provides you with the basic Microsoft Office packages and email. TinkConnect can also host and manage company specific applications within this IT environment.
We look after:

  • The installation of applications onto the TinkConnect environment
  • Managing software updates
  • Contact with the provider in the event of software problems
  • Assigning rights to different users

Benefits: uptime and performance

TinkConnect manages 200+ business applications. We manage all authorizationa so that only users with access to applications will find them within their Hosted Desktop environment.

Our platform is constructed in a way that optimizes server availability. The benefits of this are high uptime and the optimal performance of all applications. Additional benefits of TinkConnect’s Hosted Desktop are:

  • All files are stored on servers in Amsterdam in Dutch data centers
  • Fully independent devices
  • Runs on any PC, laptop or tablet supporting all software versions
  • Complete control over users

Use the TinkConnect developers

Our IT developers are specialists in the technical side of relational databases used by most software packages. They have a complete understanding of the server environment where your applications and websites run. Thus we enable optimal performance of our clients’ total IT environment.

Digitalizing your business means working with pleasure and no technical delays

We frequently support our clients by building and developing their applications. Our developers also support the suppliers of external packages hosted by TinkConnect.

At TinkConnect we can build the interfaces between applications and external parties. We supply and manage the full DTAP environment (Development, Test, Acceptance, Production) for our clients. As a result, we are regularly asked to make mobile applications user friendly with a responsive or mobile first approach to this development.

On-site support in your office

Even if your IT environment is cloud-based, every office needs hardware such as routers, printers, desktops and laptops. TinkConnect takes care of these IT facilities in your office with a fast and effective service. We supply, install and manage:

  • Network equipment and the network environment
  • Office equipment including desktops, laptops, printers and peripherals
  • Internet connections and WiFi access points

Voice over IP

Voice over IP (VoIP) is emerging strongly in business as it involves making calls via the Internet. With Voice over IP you save on telecom costs, benefit from new functions and it offers your company a lot more flexibility.

TinkConnect has selcted SpeakUp’s VoIP service for our clients. Just like TinkConnect, SpeakUp is ISO 27001 certified. SpeakUp enables you to call from every location with an Internet connection via your office network. SpeakUp’s service is fully compatible with TinkConnect’s IT platform.

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SpeakUp is our Voice over IP telecom provider. Clients with SpeakUp Compass are freed up from telecommunications concerns to concentrate on their core business. SpeakUp delivers significant telecoms cost savings.

SpeakUp works on the same high levels as land-based services offered to us by dealers. As a preferred partner of SpeakUp, we can provide you with consultancy, installation and implementation of your VoIP services.

SpeakUp Compass will quickly provide you with national and international call savings of between 15-40% compared to traditional telecom services.

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