Save your data securely for long periods

Do you have a data retention obligation? With our offline tape backup, we can securely store your company data, either with our regular data center or with Iron Mountain, for seven years. Tape backup is both cost efficient and secure, and is frequently used for storing legal, financial and medical files.

  • What is tape backup?

    Similar to old-fashioned videotape, tape backup is an extra secure way of backing up your data. The data on the tapes is offline i.e. the tapes can’t connect to the internet. Tape backups last for years and cannot be accessed by malware.

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Benefits of tape backup

  • Secure

    Tape backup is offline. Your data is not accessible online and is insensitive to malware, ransomware and hacking. The data stored is encrypted and properly archived.

  • Cost efficient

    Tape backup is highly cost efficient for large amounts of static data. Storage on disk is much more expensive and very energy inefficient.

  • Service life

    Modern tapes will last for years when stored under the right conditions. The tapes are highly suitable for storing archive data and data with a legal retention obligation.

  • Why use tape backup?

    Standard backups

    With standard backup our users’ data is backed up every day, in duplicate, on servers in our Dutch data centers. Typically, this data is in frequent use and backups are stored for a limited period i.e. between 7 and 60 days, depending on the classification. In this case, longer storage is usually not necessary.


    Tape backups

    For a number of business sectors – including financial, legal and medical – laws and regulations apply that require longer data storage periods. To guarantee long storage periods, we recommend our offline solution of backup to tape. Offline tape backups are highly suitable for storing archive data and data with a legal retention obligation.

  • How does TinkConnect’s tape backup work?

    With our backup to tape data can be saved for seven years. We utilize a proven encryption system and provide a schedule of monthly and annual backups.

    • Data is backed up to tape every month and this tape is stored for 12 months.
    • At the end of each year, we make a year-end backup. On request this tape is kept for seven years with Iron Mountain.
    • Tapes don’t have an infinite lifespan, therefore we ensure tapes are refreshed every year.

    All data is encrypted and processed using AES-128 encryption. This protection is essential because the tapes are physically transported to a storage location.

    While your tapes are stored in an external service provider’s facilities, TinkConnect manages their administration. We always know where a particular backup of yours is located.

  • Combining Cloud and Tapes

    To work online you must store data in the cloud. Tape backup is both a cost-saving and extra safe way of storing large amounts of data. By combining data storage methods, data used daily can be hosted in the cloud. Data that needs extra secure storage for long periods is stored on offline tapes.

  • Tape vs NAS, Azure, HDD or (external) hard drive

    Our standard backups meet high security standards and are hosted on NAS servers in an external data center. Tape backup, however, is the only backup method where data is stored analogously and offline. Thus the data is guaranteed untraceable and unreachable by malware. Tape backup security can’t be compared to storage on an external hard drive, NAS, Azure or HDD.

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