The platform for business critical applications

Uptime and information security are vital to all our clients and the sectors they work in.

TinkConnect provides Dutch entrepreneurs with an integrated IT platform suitable for their business critical applications. We have expertise in providing IT solutions to financial institutions, healthcare providers, law firms and oil industry entrepreneurs. All of these sectors are subject to supervision and strict regulations.

Asset Management

Since our establishment, TinkConnect has worked with wealth management companies, including Pelargos Capital and Saemor Capital (a division of Aegon Asset Management).

Asset management applications including Factset, OpenPrime, UBS PAS and Holt Value Search work seamlessly in our Hosted Desktop environment. Uptime is guaranteed on our platforms through the optimization of our server availability.

Hosted Desktop for financials

The financial sector is renowned for its strict regulations governing data security. TinkConnect works for a number of mid-sized financial institutions. Our ISO certification complies with the demands and oversight of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

Bloomberg Anywhere

TinkConnect provides financial institutions using Bloomberg with a unique Hosted Desktop solution i.e. Bloomberg Anywhere. Dedicated Bloomberg lines link directly into our data centers. Working with Bloomberg is now more flexible than ever.

More about TinkConnect’s Bloomberg Anywhere

  • Bloomberg Anywhere can be accessed at all times and from anywhere
  • Users are no longer dependent on a single operational location
  • Saves on line costs and hardware maintenance
  • Fast support is available through our support desk
  • Also suitable for local Bloomberg Terminal installations

The legal workplace

It’s essential that a law firm’s clients can rely on their information remaining in safe hands. TinkConnect has developed a bespoke Hosted Desktop package for law firms. Now the cost of ensuring client information security is very manageable.

Read more about working online for lawyers

Thanks to our considerable experience in the legal sector, we understand our clients’ needs. Our IT solutions are tailored to them. Furthermore, these highly effective solutions are secure and save our clients money. We provide a clear overview of costs with one monthly charge per user, making administration a lot easier.

The basic package

Do you need to work online from the office, at home, on the road or with a client? You need easy access to your files, emails, diary, task manager and contacts at all times. Hosted Desktop provides you with access to your company software and you can continue to work with Microsoft Office as usual.

Hosted Desktop gives you access to your emails, contacts, task manager and diary. To work online on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone all you need is an Internet connection.

Additional requirements

Do you have additional requirements? We can customize a package for you. Examine the following proven building blocks.

Document Management System

Document Management System enables you to manage all company files centrally using Outlook. You can now:

  • Archive centrally using Outlook
  • Manage different document versions
  • Search centrally for all documents – coupled to time writer software

Time writer software

Keeping track of your hours is easy. We host and manage CClaw, Fortuna and Legal Eagle to name but a few. We can also integrate your own specific software and (Word) templates into a package for you.


It’s now possible to manage different Dictaphone systems centrally. Spoken messages are provessed centrally via our platform and can easily be retrieved for any changes. Bighand and Philips systems are integrated within Hosted Desktop.

Management and integration of care applications

Increasingly, teh care sector needs ever more reliable and secure online workplaces. Our Hosted Desktop environment works extremely well with Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD) and other care applications. Thus, we provide homecare with e.g. a professional email solution.

Healthcare and information security

TinkConnect’s ISO 27001 certification is the starting point to meet the healthcare sector’s information security standard: NEN 7510. This is vital for physiotherapy practices now and in the future.