Working online in South-East Asia is fast and easy

Dutch companies with an office in the Far East are best advised to use a local data center. This is why we have spread our wings out to Singapore, the hub in South-East Asia.

Why Singapore?

Many Dutch companies have a regional office in Singapore. This is because of its enterprising business climate and the presence of multinationals from e.g. the oil industry and related financial and legal service providers.

Singapore, the hub in South-East Asia, is the best-connected country in the world with excellent data centers and fibre optic connections. The Netherlands is ranked second.

Faster, more secure and user friendly

TinkConnect’s local data center in Singapore is connected directly to our platform in the Netherlands. Users in Singapore and in the Netherlands work seamlessly in the same Hosted Desktop environment. The advantages: performance and uptime is continuously being improved. Now working internationally is faster, more secure and user friendly.

Personal support

Our set up ensures that all files in the Singapore data center are also stored on our servers in the Netherlands. Working online via our Singapore data center is supported 24/7 bij the TinkConnect personal support desk.

Want to know more about our services?

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