Security first

TinkConnect’s focus on security is total. Our operations are transparent and ISO certified. Our server platforms reside in ISO certified data centers with optimal back-up and server availability.

TinkConnect also provides the option of offline tape back-up. We improve our clients’ information security with additional services including Managed Desktop, Secure Internet and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Choose a reliable and secure IT environment

TinkConnect is one of the few Dutch IT companies with ISO 27001 certification. Since 2010, Ernst & Young have performed our annual audit. This ensures first-rate information security and peace of mind for our clients.

Our hosting and data center partners in Amsterdam are also ISO 27001 certified. We deliver transparent processes, personal service and excellent information security. Our clients can depend on the highest levels of service.

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ISO 27001 is the specification for an ‘Information Security Management System’ (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework of rules and procedures including legal, physical and technical controls that relate to risk in the information management processes of an organization.

This ISO was developed as a model to delineate, implement, execute, monitor, control, maintain and improve an ‘information security management system’.

Click here for our official registration with Ernst & Young [certificate nr. 2013-012]

Our data centers

Data and company files are confidential and must be kept secure from any unauthorized access. Even in the event of a calamity our clients’ data is safe. This first-rate security is standard for all our clients as our platform optimizes server availability.

TinkConnect has two server platforms in Amsterdam hosted by True. The primary environment is set up in a True suite located in one of euNetworks’ data centers. The back-up platform resides in a separate True suite at the TelecityGroup data center. Just like TinkConnect, True is an ISO 27001 certified enterprise.


For companies working online Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an extra secure means of logging in.

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Secure Internet

Secure Internet prevents visits to and from damaging websites and protects against the misuse of the Internet.

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Managed Desktop

Managed Desktop ensures working online is safer and more stable. It also provides effective antivirus protection.

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Tape Back-up

Obliged to store your data securely? Our tape back-up securely stores your data offline for seven years.

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