Choosing between Office 365 and Hosted Desktop? We explain the differences in this clear overview.

Choosing between Office 365 and Hosted Desktop

Office 365 is our cost saving cloud solution for companies that mainly use Office programmes. Companies that also use other applications frequently choose Hosted Desktop.

With Office 365 you no longer need a server in your workplace to run Office software. Your server resides in a data center (in the cloud) and is a shared facility. Access to your files and applications is managed via your browser. For other applications and software packages you still need your own server.

Multiple business applications

A company that uses additional software packages, other than Office, requires an extra server. If these business applications need to be integrated with Office, we recommend using our Hosted Desktop environment. All hardware and software are located in the data center making integration easier.

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What are the most important differences?

Data security

With Hosted Desktop all programmes and applications are stored in a secure environment within a Dutch data center. For the financial, legal and healthcare sectors this is a legal requirement. Our back-up is managed in the same way and is located in a separate Dutch data center. Both Dutch and internationally based Microsoft data centers support Office 365.


Hosted Desktop ensures all of your business applications, including Office, are available online on your desktop. All applications share our IT environment. It’s user friendly and ensures good quality performance. Actions including access to your network and staff authorisations are quickly arranged. Your desktop remains the same regardless of which device you are using.


Office 365 performs all Microsoft updates. Your company is responsible for all other applications and the remaining IT environment. Hosted Desktop provides your company with ‘its own’ server in our data center. All maintenance of hardware and software is included. Security measures against viruses and other damaging programmes are also included.

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